Such a charming and welcoming little shop! Favorite place to visit with friends! And if you need, they will deliver to you.

Candy C.

Outstanding, beautiful, cozy, coffee shop with wonderful baked goods.

Retired Five0

We had the best sandwiches here! What a great little place to eat and shop at!!!
The folks running it are some of the nicest people you'll meet!
Peace be with you all

Sherri A.

This little place is BIG on everything.
Loved the atmosphere, the location, the service and the food Abby and Linda were excellent. Can't wait to stop in again on our next trip thru quaint Cambridge Idaho.

Richard M.

Dietary restrictions: Gluten and dairy free options available
Kid-friendliness: We homeschool here often, they are very kid friendly!

Brianne S.

Hours are 6-6. Might change when "winter" hits. This is truly the gem that people have reported. I got a jar of cinnamon whipped honey.

Grace C.

Love this little shop!

Julia H.

Can not say enough good things about this cute little shop! Hannah made me the most amazing yummy coffee and they have gluten free options for goodies! Must go here!!!!

Meg T.

We got coffee and 2 breakfast dishes to go.
Both really, really good! Menu varies daily I think...this day there was a breakfast burrito, an egg/bacon bake, and a French toast sort of thing. Ours was fresh, hot, delicious!

Sandra A.

Passing through Cambridge and needed to rejuvenate as it was hotter than Hades! Spotted this gem out of the corner of my eye. Good thing I did. Lovely ladies, great meatball sub, and killer ambience. Highly recommended! Thanks for introducing me to the Mayor of the Museum!

James S.

Wonderful little gem!
We came 1/2 hr before closing. Asked for a to go order. Such pleasant service .
Such a cute shop, too!

Kathleen K.

Had an iced busy bee, it was refreshing and the service was friendly and she helped me find a drink I would like.

Taggart L.

Hannah does an amazing job! Definitely worth the drive and the shop is beautiful.

Niki H.

This place is a diamond in the rough! Great food, coffee and service and very clean too.

Jodi S.

Gluten Free options available too!


This is one of those businesses where the owners and operators go the extra mile to provide first- class service and products to their customers. Attention to every aspect and detail is obvious the second you walk in the door. Great food and great service. Well done!!

Don D.

Best breakfast burrito I've ever had! Brisket in my burrito, you bet! Get there early if you want a burrito or they'll be sold out!

Kevin P.

What a great place. They make a terrific cup of coffee, the breakfast burrito was freaking delicious, and the women running it were super welcoming and friendly. If you are in Cambridge, or passing through, I would recommend stopping by.

Christopher L.

This is one of the hidden gems in Cambridge! The staff and owner have impeccable customer care. Their food and drinks are spot on..and if for some reason they aren't, they make it right. The atmosphere is really nice. They have local raw honey they use in their cooking and drinks. They also sell it as well in their little gift store! Definitely excellent service and quality food. The BBQ was delicious with a very custom sauce I haven't had anywhere else! I highly recommend the visit. Well worth it. They also offer to go orders and pick ups great to take an a Hells canyon trip!

Adventurous Foodie

This cozy bistro was a fantastic pitstop on our way to Hells Canyon. They had just opened up the day prior but everything inside was so well put together. They have different pastry's and breakfast burritos, but their coffee bread muffin was absolutely to die for. They have an option for a drive thru, however it definitely seemed faster just to go inside.

My go to drink is a green tea smoothie and i love to try them anywhere and everywhere i can, and here was no different. They mentioned how it would be their first time trying to make something like that, but they absolutely killed it. The texture, consistency, and the flavor was all absolutely delicious!

If you live locally or are just passing thru, i would definitely recommend stopping by. You will not be disappointed!

Nick B.

Aw some place. So cute and friendly. The burritos was so good and I couldn't get enough of the energy drinks. Yum.

Amy B.